Fend off user frustration and lost revenue from rejected cards

Strivve™ lets your customers add or update their card instantly on your site.

Each year over 700 MILLION U.S. credit and debit cards (about 1-2 cards per person) are lost, stolen, or reissued.

$40 BILLION is lost each year because of online credit card transactions being declined.

When customers haven’t updated their credit card on your site,
transactions fail, and YOU PAY THE PRICE.

Strivve helps customers update payment information, ASAP

With Strivve™, your customers can smoothly update their payment information on your site, and on other sites where they pay online. With just one step, they can update all their sites with new account number, expiration date, and other details.

Why provide Strivve to your customers?

  • Less failed transactions
  • Uninterrupted service for your customers
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty