Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access TopWallet and what are the requirements?2018-12-12T11:37:14-07:00

Setting up your TopWallet account profile is simple.  Just follow these steps!

  1. Using Google Chrome, Sign Up and complete the short registration.
  2. We will send you an email with an account confirmation link; clicking the link will activate your account and redirect you to the TopWallet login page.
  3. Upon signing in, you will be prompted to install the TopWallet Browser Extension.
  4. Once you have installed the TopWallet Browser Extension, you will be given an opportunity to add some of your most frequented sites from your browser’s history and bookmarks.
  5. Next, you will be prompted to add a credit card to your TopWallet account.  Adding your card allows you to manage your card-to-site relationships.

Watch our video, How to Sign Up for TopWallet!

How do I get the TopWallet Browser Extension?2018-12-12T11:42:55-07:00
  1. After activating your account and signing in you will be prompted to install the TopWallet Browser Extension.
  2. At anytime, if you do not have the TopWallet Browser Extension installed you will be prompted to install it when you sign in to TopWallet.  

You can install the TopWallet Browser Extension directly from the Chrome Web Store.

Why do I need to install the TopWallet Browser Extension?2018-12-12T11:44:24-07:00

The TopWallet Browser Extension is an integral part of TopWallet’s functionality. Installation of the TopWallet Browser Extension is required to provide the following features and capabilities:

  • Automated Card Updating

Conveniently update your credit card automatically at sites where you pay online.

  • Auto-login

Log into sites with just one click.

  • Autofill

Automatically fill out web forms.

  • Auto-save

Automatically saves your username and password as you visit sites.

Can I access TopWallet from my mobile device?2018-12-12T11:45:23-07:00

TopWallet is fully supported on Google Chrome for PC and MAC. You can access TopWallet on your mobile device with reduced functionality and capabilities.

How do I add sites to my TopWallet account?2018-12-12T11:48:27-07:00

You can add site login information directly to TopWallet by clicking “Add Site” in Sites. You can also add sites over time by logging into TopWallet and letting the extension save information as you browse.  

What if I forget my master password?2018-12-12T11:49:45-07:00

TopWallet never has access to your Master Password or your sensitive data. This includes site passwords, credit card numbers, CVV codes, and notes. All of your sensitive data is encrypted and only accessible by you when you provide your Master Password.

It is recommended that you create a password hint. A link can be sent to the email address you used to create your account providing access to your hint in the event you should forget your TopWallet Master Password.

Setting security questions will allow you to reset your Master Password in the event you should forget it. However, when resetting your Master Password to gain access to your account, your sensitive data will not be recoverable. You will be required to reenter your sensitive data after you gain access to your account. We strongly recommend that you also create a Master Password hint to potentially avoid this.

How much does TopWallet cost?2018-12-12T11:51:44-07:00

TopWallet is totally free!

I updated my account information at one of my sites outside of TopWallet. Why are those changes not reflected in my TopWallet profile?2018-12-12T11:54:41-07:00

For your account information to stay current and updated in TopWallet, you will need sign in and manually update that site on your TopWallet profile. TopWallet can put information onto your sites but it cannot pull information from your accounts.

What is CardSavr?2018-12-12T11:56:39-07:00

CardSavr is a service that allows you to perform credit card update actions directly against website using an API based autonomous browser platform.

Are you really just a screen scraper?2018-12-12T12:00:47-07:00

No. Screen scrapers only provide read capability and can often burden websites with additional load as the repeatedly perform their scraping functions. CardSavr utilizes autonomous browsers that interact with websites in much the same way people do.

Are you an aggregator?2018-12-12T12:03:29-07:00

No. Aggregators pull information from a variety of sources and attempt to create a universal transaction log for all your activity. They then parse this data over time and attempt to show recurring and non-recurring payments.

Using our autonomous browsing platform, CardSavr can show that it is the primary card on file, if there are cards on file, and if the payment is recurring. You don’t have to aggregate transaction data to know if a card is on file – with detection we can know what card is where.

How do I get a developer account?2018-12-12T12:23:29-07:00

If your company has already signed up for CardSavr, your administrator can create your account.

If your company has not already signed up, contact us here.

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